Firefive and CB-Five

Immagine firefive (1)FIREFIVE® is a wetting agent to fight fire composed by surfactant compounds, characterized by a high versatility of use in the fields of safety and fire fighting.

Non-toxic, effective up to -30°, multi-use fire suppression agent for class A – B- D fires.

FireFive® is used to fight fire in the following fields:

  • Industrial (Chemical, Oil, Petrochemical, Metallurgical, Manufacturing)
  • Naval
  • Forest


CB-FIVE 200 is a pre-engineered fire fighting system for the protection of conveyor belt which combine the low pressure water mist AQUATECH® with the wetting agent FIREFIVE®.

Environmentally priendly, is composed by: FireFive® – water premixed tank, 200 bars nitrogen cylinder for system pressurization, manual actuator, constant flow rate special discharge nozzle self cleaning and anti choke.

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