Hydrobox Deluxe

A piece of design to protect you from fire

Hydrobox Deluxe is a smart and elegant hydrant box created to preserve the harmony of high aesthetic level environment.

Design with the aim to make you fell always safe and at ease.  Hydrobox Deluxe is a recess hydrant box which can be colour and finishing customized with more then 900 different possibilities: marbles – woods – ceramics – silks – leathers – fabrics – metals – stuccos – stones.

From classic style to modern ones, Hydrobox Deluxe is totally integrated in the environment, according to more stick regulation on fire safety.


Luxury areas

Cultural heritage

Museums and art gallery

theatres and cinemas


Hotels and resorts

ambienti di lusso

boutique e showroom

yacht and cruise

A simple idea for the most demanding design, a proposal 100%

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